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Our University’s namesake Alfred Adler advanced the revolutionary idea that responsible practitioners must advocate to change the social conditions that affect community health and well-being. We do, too. Our resources and articles explore how responsible practitioners are addressing today’s complex community and global issues.

How Online Learning Communities Prepare Students For the Global Workforce

The global market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. As a result, the majority of medium- to large-sized organizations are looking for employees who demonstrate a high level of comfort in diverse groups. In today’s world, employees are expected to work well with others, to voice their opinions, and to actively…

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In Case You Missed It: New Media is the Star of the 2016 Election

Regardless of how one might feel about his candidacy, it is clear that Donald Trump has managed to captivate audiences (voters and the media alike) by effectively using Twitter in a campaign that, according to Slate, “is a continuous Trump rally at all hours on Twitter.”  Related resourcesKhan Shoieb , “How Periscope Is Changing Politics,”…

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There Is Still Time: Start Earning Your Graduate Degree With Adler on October 26

Have you been debating whether or not to apply for one of Adler University’s six online master’s programs? Ask yourself this: does the idea of starting classes as soon as October 26 sound exciting? If it does, you’re ready to do this, and we have good news: it’s not too late to submit your application and reserve your spot in the…

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Six Tips For Aspiring Nonprofit Managers

There is a lot to learn about successfully managing nonprofit organizations. Many students who come to Adler for the Nonprofit Management program don’t know what they don’t know but rightly take the time to invest in a program that readies them for success. In the spirit of keeping it simple, here are my six tips to…

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What’s Changing for Nonprofit Managers: 7 Questions with Leslie Starsoneck

The nonprofit sector is growing more quickly than the private sector, according to the U.S. government, and that development makes nonprofits one of the most vital components of American society. We asked Leslie Starsoneck, interim director of the M.A. in Nonprofit Management program at Adler University, to talk about the pressures facing today’s nonprofit managers. They may…

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What is a Victim Advocate?

For crime victims, the terror, grief, anger, confusion, depression, and guilt can last for months and years after the crime. And they often have to navigate the complexities of the legal system even as they struggle with these emotional traumas. Victim advocates are professionals trained to support crime victims by helping them cope with stress…

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How Veteran Support Programs Are Evolving for Military-Connected Students

Veteran support programs on campuses nationwide are becoming better integrated in all areas—academics, administrative, career planning, mental health and disability, and social support services, says retired U.S. Navy captain Barton Buechner, Ph.D., an expert on student veteran transitions who teaches in the M.A. in Psychology: Specialization in Military Psychology program at Adler University. Dr. Buechner,…

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One Person, One Media Image: How You Can Influence Social Change

The release of video showing the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in Chicago has generated national and international headlines, outrage, and demand for reform. It also generates a powerful example of media’s power to influence social change, says Davina Jones, Ph.D., communications expert, and director of the M.A. in Media and Communications program…

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Flexibility Prepared I/O Psychology Graduate for Competitive Talent Acquisition Job

Adler University graduate Sahil Shah feels lucky he could put his education at the forefront of his work-life responsibilities, while splitting his time between the United States and India. Shah earned his online M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2014, and is working in talent acquisition for Baxalta, a global biopharmaceutical company. We spoke…

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In the Service of Others: Why One Student Chose Emergency Management Leadership

Even though Stefan Kljajic, a first-year graduate student pursing an online M.A. in Emergency Management Leadership through Adler University, was prepared for his interview, he asked if he could call back in an hour or so. Kljajic had witnessed a car accident on the freeway and pulled over to help. Kljajic’s steadfast demeanor and readiness…

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