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Our University’s namesake Alfred Adler advanced the revolutionary idea that responsible practitioners must advocate to change the social conditions that affect community health and well-being. We do, too. Our resources and articles explore how responsible practitioners are addressing today’s complex community and global issues.

Developing a Stand Out Resume

“The world accommodates you for fitting in, but only rewards you for standing out.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo (Canadian author and philosopher) On average, 250 resumes are submitted in response to every job listing in corporate America. Recent research estimates that around 2% of applicants are offered an interview and, of course, just one of those individuals will be…

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What is an Emergency Response Planner?

Imagine the worst-case scenario actually happening. Then imagine people expecting you to fix the damage done. That’s your job if you’re an emergency response planner. The demand for emergency response planners is growing, as they play a key role in preparing for, protecting, and maintaining public safety. As part of a team of skilled professionals,…

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Three Simple Job Searching Tips

Searching for a job is never a simple task. It takes time, persistence, and dedication. Whether you are currently on an active job search, anticipating looking for something in the future as a new graduate, or simply taking stock of your current position and considering seeing what else might be out there, here are three ways…

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Othering and Its Impacts On Society

In the post below, Professor Cardiel defines two types of Othering, a concept whose importance is explored across Adler University’s online master’s program in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and has special applicability in a year of contentious politics. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming…

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Presidential View from Portland: How Can Our Community Organize?

In the post below, Professor Lund-Chaix reflects on how her home state’s rural and urban concerns are emblematic of strife throughout the United States, and sees solutions in community organization. Many pundits declared the U.S. a divided nation after the presidential election in which a mere 2.65 million votes of more than 128 million cast…

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Changing Careers for Job Satisfaction: What to Consider

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot Job satisfaction can be defined as the level of contentment that employees feel about their work and this key variable has been found to impact quality of life in a number of important ways. Research has demonstrated that personal reports of happiness are…

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All Lives Matter: A Glance at Social Media and Controversial Agendas

If we have perfected the mantra that all lives matter, then the evidence of history and present statistics regarding our human “interactions” with one another demand we give an account for why 6 million or more Jews along with Gypsies and the disabled were murdered during the Holocaust, which lasted approximately 12 years; why an…

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The Inside Fix: How Nonprofit Leaders Can Effect Change

Speaking out about unjust conditions—to friends, family, on social media—is the American way. Pointing to unfair treatment of individuals, groups, communities, or the environment is an important part of being civically engaged. For nonprofit leaders, there is an added obligation to not just speak out, but to advocate and effect change in policy and systems….

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Four Questions to Address In Your Graduate School Letter of Intent

Many graduate schools list a letter of intent, or personal statement, as an application requirement. Not sure what that means, or how much weight it carries? Read on for insights and tips from our admissions team at Adler University. 

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Impacting Your Workplace Through Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Although progress has certainly been made, a voluminous body of research indicates that a significant amount of work is still needed if we hope to achieve equality of opportunity within our great nation. The process of societal change is a difficult one and true change requires the dedication of socially responsible individuals in a wide…

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